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Don't Leave Your Future to Chance

Insurance isn't just a policy. It's a safety net for you and your most precious assets - your home, your business, your peace of mind. Without it, you're walking a tightrope over an unpredictable future.

The Risks

For Your Family

During your vacation, envision the weight of unexpected medical expenses or the financial strain on your loved ones in your absence. No insurance translates to no protection against these harsh realities.

For Your Home

A dream home can turn into a financial nightmare with just one natural disaster or unexpected damage. Without insurance, recovery is a road paved with costly hurdles.

For Your Peace of Mind

Insurance offers peace of mind, freeing you from constant 'what if' worries and shielding you from financial uncertainty, ensuring daily tranquility and stability.

The Consequences

Financial Ruin

One serious incident could drain your savings, leaving you and your loved ones in a precarious position.

Legal Troubles

In many cases, insurance is not just a safety net, it's a legal requirement. Driving without auto insurance? You're not just risking your vehicle, but also facing potential legal repercussions.

Emotional Strain

The stress of facing life's challenges without a backup plan can take a toll on your mental health and family dynamics.

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Empowering Your Tomorrow

Streamlining Today for a Secure, Successful, and Confident Future

Secure & Elevated Lifestyle

Experience the convenience of having travel, home, and business insurance, an all-in-one-place package that seamlessly combines health, life, property, and liability coverages, ensuring a worry-free and secure lifestyle.

Freedom & Reclaimed Time

Simplify your insurance experience by doing business in the manner of your preference in person or from a distance with online policy management, automated claims processing, and digital consultations, freeing up your time for what matters most.

Business Growth & Practice Success

Tailored solutions covering commercial property, liability, and specialized coverage for safeguarding against diverse business risks.

Discover Our Story and Hear Real Success Stories

Hear from our satisfied clients and learn how we've met their insurance needs with excellence.  

"Working with Celia has been a delight. She is knowledgeable and available to discuss all the options on home insurance. Given this was my first home, Celia patiently explained home insurance to me, she worked diligently to find coverage and plan customized for my needs.

I appreciated how available she was to me to discuss all the options and how expeditiously she got me the best coverage possible. Highly recommended! "

- Dr. S

"Celia Zurbyk is no doubt a veteran in this insurance world. Love her personal service and appreciate her going the extra mile at being able to help provide what my lawyer needed in time to meet my deadline for buying property.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with Celia for your insurance needs! "

- Darren Bye

"Celia solved our home insurance problem in a hot minute. We had some unique needs and after months of frustration and stress with 2 other brokers, Celia identified our insurance needs and found a solution quickly. And our policy ended up costing us way less than we anticipated, which was an unexpected bonus.

Really impressed with her expertise, efficiency and communication. Highly recommend. "

- Matt & Joy Onyschak

Your Journey to Secure Insurance


Get To Know You

Through a simple, interactive process—be it an online form, a phone call, or an in-person meeting— we collect key information to tailor our services specifically to your insurance requirements.

Personalized Proposal

We craft a customized insurance proposal that outlines your coverage options, costs, and any additional features, ensuring transparency and clarity in every aspect that aligns perfectly for your needs.


To activate your insurance plan, we guide you through a seamless agreement process, establish your payment method, and hand over all vital policy documentationwith ease and clarity, ensuring you're informed and ready to go.
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